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How it works

SustCorp is a secure internal corporate intranet that organizations can use to measure key sustainability performance indicators. The cloud-based platform collects data from manual inputs, environmental indicators, a network of intelligent sensors and across multiple data points in real-time in order to calculate rankings. These benchmarks are then run through a proprietary algorithm and analyzed for opportunities to reduce utility bills, identify problem areas, create new internal programs, motivate and incentivize employees, influence suppliers and simplify certification processes. By better understanding and implementing incremental contributions, organizations can increase step-by-step their level of sustainability.

'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.' Aristotle

Each organization receives a consultation to establish basic parameters, and full support when signing up with SustCorp. A cloud-based intranet and an intelligent network of sensors are customized to meet your business needs. Combined with expertise from our sustainability consultants we can design a program that will help you to generate savings and improve overall sustainable performance. Contact us today to book your consultation.

Who can benefit?

Any organization from a small business with two offices, a retail chain with several stores, to global enterprises can realize significant benefits and savings. SustCorp makes it easy to measure incremental contributions to your organizations ecological footprint and identify areas where improvements can be made. The platform also simplifies the process to meet global climate change initiatives and certification paperwork.

  • Corporation Profile

    Corporation Profile / Employee Profile / Benchmark

    The Corporation profile contains generic information: description, pictures, videos, location on the map...) that allows to understand which the company is dedicated to.

    In SustCorp, employee profiles are very similar. The platform also allows listing both individuals and entities with whom we have relationship creating a spread of points in both directions.

    SustCorp provides a ranking of the most sustainable employees (who benefit from great perks and awards), the most sustainable organizations (the higher the position, the greater rewards and increased sales) and in a corporate level employees/locations have a voice (showcasing their sustainable actions).

  • Sustainability Analisys

    Good Practices / Objetives / Activity

    Sustainable content is divided into different sections. GOOD PRACTICES allow breakdown in high detail what the user does in a level of sustainability according to different areas (energy, water, waste, social, etc..). Here you can list for instance that the entity has energy-saving lamps, that it uses aerators in faucets and low flush toilets which save water, employees benefit from a policy that encourages life balance, etc. By clicking on the icon of the sustainable practice a tab opens containing a more specific description regarding how the practice is implemented and general information is included to inform the reader and to facilitate his decision on whether to implement also.

    The OBJETIVES section allows the user to make public the challenges it has set to meet within a specified period (either reduce energy consumption and/or water in a year in X%, or increase the use of public transport between employees, etc).

    The ACTIVITY section registers actions in chronological order and allows the presentation of various graphics: including the overall score, the consumption of electricity and water, among others.
    The graphics have 3 leels: one shows one self's results, another with the average number of participants per region, and another, the average rate of the highest 20% participants.

  • Quality Control

    Certifications / Audits

    SustCorp has different levels of quality control. These are focused primarily to be applied to corporations and employees.
    Traditional Certifications usually have two levels of quality control: delivery of documentation and external audits (often knowing in advance the exact date of the audit allowing preparation). Therefore, SustCorp offers greeater reliability and knowledge the sustainability works in real time.


Do not hesitate in contacting us to set out your fact, we would gladdy submit you a specific proposal according to your corporation needs.

What is SustCorp?

SustCorp is a cloud platform that helps measure how sustainable corporations are. Besides measuring, it also allows internal comparison (benchmark), which offices or departments are more sustainable and it gives recognition for sustainable achievements through a sustainability score inside the company.

How does it work?

SustCorp is a platform that operates using profiles to present what is done at the level of sustainability and a score is obtained. It works similarly to the original algorithm of Google, the more sustainable you are (as a product, employee, organization, corporation...) and the more you are surrounded by other sustainable profiles our algorithm calculates a sustainable score for you that positions you further up or down in the ranking.

Why to use SustCorp?

Because everyone wins! You save money reducing energy waste. You also improve your life by making it happier and more sustainable.
The more sustainable your practices are, the more sustainable your purchases. These sustainable purchases help reduce C02 emissions, improve health and quality of life, and benefit the environment. In turn, the Earth will avoid glacier meltings, which saves the polar bears! Who can give you more sustainable assistance than that?

Who is it for?

SustCorp is mainly focused to all market sector corporations that intend to encourage sustainability in its products, services, employees, process, clients, etc.

How to sign up?

How much does it cost?

How does the point system works?

SustCorp is a platform that works in different levels. Basically, it has an internal criteria in which it measures the company’s level of savings (water, waste), energy efficiency, recycling, mobility, among others and assigns a number of points to get a sub-total.
SustCorp has a second external criteria in which it assigns points to the corporation, considering the level of sustainabilty its suppliers, employees, clients, and even cities where it is based in have. Another sub-total of points is gotten, which is added to the Internal Criteria sub-total to get a final set of points; therefore, obtaining a ranking position.
SustCorp lets corporations have an extra control on the value chain of its products. If one of the elements in the chain fails to be more sustainable, points are deducted from the total. However, if in the future the corporation manages to fix the issue, the points can be recovered. Thus, making the corporation and its suppliers, processes, employees, partners, and logistics be more sustainable.

How does SustCorp control the quality?

SustCorp has different levels of optional quality control, like pledge, wisdom of the crowds, documents and data analisys, whistleblower, unannounced auditing, voluntary external auditing... These are focused primarily to be applied to corporations and employees. Traditional Certifications usually have two levels of quality control: delivery of documentation and external audits (often knowing in advance the exact date of the audit allowing for preparation). The combined levels of quality control provide SustCorp with greater reliability and precision by being able to process sustainable related information in real time and interconnect many pieces of information from different sources, making cheating more difficult.

Key messages

  • SustCorp helps businesses manage growing demands and expectations from key stakeholders (clients, staff, general public, investors, government regulations) and does so while also offering short & long-term economic benefits.
  • SustCorp drives end-to-end sustainable decisions taking into account a holistic view of sustainability from supplier to final product.
  • SustCorp helps your company reduce costs immediately and measure long-term economic benefits.
  • SustCorp helps your organization to measure, benchmark and improve overall sustainable performance in real-time.
  • SustCorp helps to increase the number of participants both internal and external in your sustainability program.
  • SustCorp creates greater transparency, understanding and communication about your organization’s sustainability programs.
  • SustCorp can help your organization materialize its objective of becoming the sustainable leader in your industry.

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SustCorp is a corporate solution developed by Sustainable Reference, an award winning company dedicated to building advanced technology solutions to help the environment. With representatives in over 20 countries, Sustainable Reference is a regular participant in international forums for climate change, smart cities, new technologies, startups and initiatives to reduce global carbon emissions. The company is lead by a team of dedicated founders who value collaboration and believe in the power of innovation and teamwork to solve some of the world’s most important problems.

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